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Máscaras sensoriais Lygia Clark 1967 -  Conceptual Art 

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    some very quick collages to try and left off some steam

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    classics;     couldn’t care less how overplayed these songs are, you gotta know ‘em         [listen.]

    001. the anthem; good charolette. 002. the ballad of mona lisa; panic! at the disco 003. the rock show; blink 182 004. weightless; all time low. 005. sugar we’re going down; fall out boy 006. welcome to my life; simple plan 007. all signs point to lauderdale; a day to remember 008. helena; my chemical romance 009. the only exception; paramore 010. love drunk; boys like girls. 011. in too deep; sum 41 012. bad; the cab 013. check yes juliet; we the kings 014. I write sins not tragedies; panic! at the disco 015. ocean avenue; yellowcard 016. into your arms; the maine 017. stacy’s mom; fountains of wayne 018. gives you hell; all american rejects 019. like we used to; a rocket to the moon 020. thnks fr th mmrs; fall out boy 021. miserable at best; mayday parade 022. you’re gonna go far, kid; the offspring 023. loverboy; you me at six 024. remembering sunday; all time low 025. lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off; panic! at the disco 026. jesus of suburbia; greenday 027. kings and queens; 30 seconds to mars 028. welcome to the black parade; my chemical romance 029. all the small things; blink 182 030. dance, dance; fall out boy 031. if it means a lot to you; a day to remember 032. i’m not okay (I promise); my chemical romance 033. goodnight moon; go radio 034. misery business; paramore 035. boulevard of broken dreams; greenday


    It had to be done.

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